Hydraulic winch PWH20000 PRO EN14492-1 with tensioner

Reference: KWH20000 PRO

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Hydraulic winch PWH20000 PRO EN14492-1 with tensioner

The hydraulic winch, in contrast to the electric one is designed to handle much heavier elements at which precision and power are the most important.

Hydraulic winches are powered by hydraulic drive from electric or combustion engines. Depending on their purpose, their size may vary. In our store there are Powerwinch products, reliable hydraulic winches from a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Due to the purpose, winches should be equipped with steel ropes and appropriate hooks.

The hydraulic winch is the basic equipment for special service vehicles - ambulance, fire brigade, road assistance, as well as off-road vehicles. In this aspect, it is not only forest and rescue service vehicles, but also private 4x4 vehicles. In each of these cases, the hydraulic winch is a key piece of equipment that can not only save your life, but in the sport dimension will allow you to overcome the planned route and all the problems on it. Winches are built in accordance with all standards of the EU Commission on Standardization, including the latest EN 14492-1 standard.

1 Rated line pull 9072 kg
2 Warranty 2 years
3 Gearing Planetary
4 Gear ratio 20:1
5 Brake Automatic, hydraulic
6 Line Not included
7 Fairlead Not included
8 Dimensions 944 mm x 398 mm x 343 mm
9 Drum dimensions 160x 280 mm
10 Mounting bolt pattern 342.9 x 228.6 mm / 419.1 228.6 mm
11 Weight 168 kg
12 Max pressure 16 Mpa
13 MaxFlow 75 l/min.


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