Indispensable for fans of off-road routes, but also in the vehicles of the Fire Brigade or forest services. They are useful in trucks, and tow trucks can not do without them. Winches with a large pull and equipment guaranteeing stable operation allow you to extract the car from every hole, but their use does not end there. These extremely versatile devices, depending on the parameters, are also used on construction sites or in car workshops.

We offer you electric, hydraulic and manual winches from the renowned Powerwinch manufacturer. All are characterized by durable construction and durability. Each category is diverse, so it is possible to choose a device perfectly suited to the needs and conditions in which it will work - even the most extreme.

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  • Electric winches

    Solutions using battery power are very popular - they have a very good pull, their assembly is not difficult, and the devices themselves are universally applicable. Hence, a very wide selection in our store: we propose electric winches intended for lorries, and for military or fire trucks, as well as trucks and private users.

    Depending on the model, electric winches have reinforced structures, additional seals, and in the set together with them you can get a synthetic rope (lighter, not tangling) or steel (resistant to cuts and temperatures). Each product we offer is clearly described, you can easily find information on towing gears, gears or power consumption - finding the right device for even extreme applications will not be a problem!

  • Hydraulic winches

    Variants using the pump work well where reliability is required - among other things, in Fire Brigade vehicles, roadside assistance or forest services. Hydraulic winches can also be reached by any off-roader or truck owner who cares about the highest resistance to difficult conditions. These devices work a bit slower than other models, but they reward it with increased strength.

    Hydraulic winches are characterized by water resistance and durability - these are machines designed for special tasks. The models of the leading Powerwinch manufacturer, with a towing capacity of over 9 tonnes and a planetary gearbox, offered by us are available with an overload protection, we can also provide you with a drum cover and a safety switch. The devices are covered by a two-year warranty.

  • Hand winches

    These devices are extremely versatile - they allow for pulling, controlled lowering or moving the load. Hand winches will prove themselves not only on field trips, but also in car workshops, on construction sites or in any place where a convenient movement of goods is needed.

    The devices are powered by the strength of human muscles - the operator constantly controls the work of the manual winch. Stress protections as well as cable release handles help in stable work. Two handles allow the use of kifors for both pulling in and lowering the load - an option useful when transporting materials vertically to higher floors of constructed objects. For each product we attach a 20-meter rope ending with a hook, as well as a comfortable lever.


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