Haztec Xpert LED, 1409 mm, 12/24V, blue, speaker 100W, R65

Reference: HE96-42000-SG-55-TB

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Haztec Xpert LED, 1409 mm, 12/24V, blue, speaker 100W, R65

Beam Xpert LED 360 approval R65 12V blue speaker 100W

Low-profile (80mm) warning beam Xpert LED by the British manufacturer Haztec. It is equipped with 2 360-degree LED modules, additional mirrors to increase the visible surface of the flash, a white backlit panel and a 100W speaker.

The set includes a rubber mounting kit for attaching a beam to the roof of the vehicle. The length of the beam is suitable for Van / Bus vehicles. The lamp has an R-65 approval.

The beam will be used in vehicles: road assistance, road services and maintenance of highways, gas and energy ambulance, waterworks, municipal services and many others, where the vehicle must be visible while working on the road.

Voltage: 12/24V
Warranty: 2 years
Source of light: LED
Dimensions: 1409mm
Colour: Blue
Approval: R65 / R10
Working temperature: -30o C – +50o C
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Illuminated panel with an inscription: Yes


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