Rope Protector Sleeve Powerline, 25mm, black, on a rope with a thickness 12-14mm

Reference: PLNO32MMX2M

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Rope Protector Sleeve Powerline, 25mm, black, on a rope with a thickness 12-14mm

This rope protector is perfect for protecting your synthetic rope from chafing on rocks etc., and also is great for protecting the first 2M of your rope, which is the part that takes the most punishment and heat from the drum.

Large enough for your rope to slide through when winching, it is also small enough to pass through your fairlead so it stows neatly onto your drum along with the rope.

This rope protector can also be cut down and used to protect the rope where a ‘soft eye’ is being spliced.

Available in 2M lengths, this rope protector is suitable for any diameter rope, up to 10mm.


  • Material: 100% polyamid
  • Length: 2 meters
  • UV Resistance: Very good
  • Chemical Resistance: Very good
  • Rope diameter: up to 14 mm


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