First Responder Jack 60”


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60” First Responder Jack

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First Responder Jack 60” 

Hi-Lift First Responder Jack is a professional lift designed specifically for firefighters and emergency services.
An excellent tool for rescuing people injured in accidents, construction disasters, natural disasters, trapped in cars, under rubble, etc.

No other rescue device on the market is so versatile, durable and easy to use. In addition, no other device with comparable capabilities (eg hydraulic) offers such an attractive price! The FRY does not require an external power supply, which facilitates and further extends its potential.

The lift is equipped with a specially constructed, rotating base and luminescent elements that facilitate work in conditions of limited visibility (eg night, fog, smoke).

Weight:15,10 kg
Strength:3175 kg
Size:152 cm
Width:12.7 cm
Min. Lifting height:17,14 cm
Max. Lifting height:126,37 cm
Height:156,85 cm
Depth:24,46 cm
Weight limit:2113 kg
Removing / Clamping:2268 kg


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First Responder Jack 60”

First Responder Jack 60”

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