Hi-Lift X-TREME 60"


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Hi-Lift X-TREME 60”

Hi-Lift Extreme is the latest series of products in the range. All bolts and pipe are galvanized. The lift is powder coated with graphite. The new reinforced foot allows for better attachment of the belt, shekel or chain. The lift also offers the ability to quickly remove the base.

It can be used for lifting, pulling, pulling etc.
Versatility and ease of use are the biggest advantages of Hi-Lift lifts.

Strength:3175 kg
Size:152 cm
Min. Lifting height:11 cm
Weight limit:2114 kg
Removing / Clamping:2268 kg


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Hi-Lift X-TREME 60"

Hi-Lift X-TREME 60"

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