Kangaroowinch K12.5 Worm Gear 12V

Reference: K12.5ADV-12V

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Kangaroowinch K12.5 Worm Gear 12V 

Kangaroowinch Adventure K12.5 is a worm winch, or rather a winch with a worm gear, the gear is driven by the rotor. In addition, the winch equipped with such gears uses it for braking, if the worm stops, our toothed wheel cannot rotate. It is one of the best winches for hard work, although it is not the fastest, the main focus of its construction is high power and great durability designed for the toughest working conditions.

The worm gear works in the so-called "oil bath", which means that it is covered with oil all the time, there is no problem with the lack of it or the need for lubrication, as well as with accidental self-locking during winch operation

1 Rated line pull 12500lbs (5670kg)
2 Motor 6.2 HP
3 Gearing Worm Gear
4 Gear ratio 424.5:1
5 Voltage 12V
6 Solenoid 500A
7 Brake Worm Gear 
8 Rope Wire 9.5 mm x 27 m 
9 Fairlead Roller
10 Dimensions 664.4mm x 379mm x 270mm
11 Drum dimensions 89 mm x 229 mm
12 Mounting bolt pattern 164 mm x 114,3 mm
13 Weight 67 kg 
14 Current draw 0kg – 75A, 5670kg – 355A;
15 Line speed 0 kg – 6.3 m/min 5670kg – 1 m/min


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