Haztec 3x LED 12/24V blue, built-in flasher, R65

Reference: H4-2053-EB

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Haztec 3x LED 12/24V blue, built-in flasher

• Low cost 3 LED warning light

• Built in flasher

• 10 - 30V

• 14 patterns

Haztec 3x LED is an EC65 approved surface mount 3LED warning light. It features a cast metal bezel which secures the light using just 2 screws and provides excellent heatsinking to maximise LED performance. 4-2053 has a built in flasher with 20 selectable patterns and works from a 10 - 30V supply range (suitable for 12 or 24V use) A synchronisation wire allows multiple lights to be synchronised for simultaneous or alternating flashing


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