Orange lampshade XCBMV 1611

Reference: L1200A

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Orange lampshade XCBMV 1611

The original lampshade of the British manufacturer, dedicated to lamps with the designation XCBMV1611.

Voltage: 12-80Vdc
Technology: Xenon
Colours: Amber, blue, red, green
Current Consumption 12V: 175 mA
Current Consumption 24V: 150 mA
Current Consumption 48V: 55 mA
Current Consumption 80V: 30 mA
Current Consumption 100V: N/A
Flash Rate (Per min): 75
Mounting: Three Point
Weight kg (Approx): 0.50 kg

Brand LAP
Fitting Method 3 Bolt Mount
Lens Colour Amber
Flash Pattern Static Flash 75 fpm
Approval IP56, ECE
Voltage 10 – 100v
Bulb Type Xenon
Dimensions 90mm (H) X 129mm (W)
Warranty 12 Months


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