Blue synthetic rope 14 mm, blue, MBL 19.05T


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Lina syntetyczna 14 mm, niebieska, MBL 19,05 T

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Blue synthetic rope 14 mm, blue, MBL 19.05T

Powerline synthetic ropes are extremely tear-resistant and low stretch. Very long durability, good resistance to abrasion, very low weight, high UV light resistance, flexibility and splice ability make this kind of rope simply irreplaceable in many different applications. Powerline ropes are an ideal replacement for stainless steel wire or steel rope.

Much safer than steel wire rope
Much stronger than steel wire rope
Extremely lightweight – very easy to use
No more injuries of hands from wire rope
Will not kink like steel wire rope
Will not rust
Floats in water

You may order any length and any endings you need (free, thimble, hook etc.). 


  • Material: UHMWPE SK75
  • Breaking strength: 19050kgs
  • 12-strand
  • Does not kink
  • No memory
  • Weight: ~ 12kg/100 m.
  • Melting point: 144℃ — 152℃
  • Extensibility: max. 3%
  • Easy handling
  • Resistant to UV light: very good
  • Moisture regain: none
  • Attack by water: none
  • Resistance to acids and alkali: excellent
  • Resistance to most chemicals: excellent


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Blue synthetic rope 14 mm, blue, MBL 19.05T

Blue synthetic rope 14 mm, blue, MBL 19.05T

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