7 Door - Open door display


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Wskaźnik otwartych drzwi samochodu 7 wejść

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7 Door - Open door display

The Model 091-178-7A, Open Door Display, provides a graphic representation of doors that are either open, or ajar. One LED is wired to a switch at each compartment door. When the compartment door is opened, the switch provides an electrical path to ground to Illuminate an LED. Simple and easily installed. The display enhances safety, and ensures that the operator will not drive away with an open door.

  • Up to 7 Doors or Compartments
  • Indicates Location of Open Door
  • Fits in Standard Eaton Rocker Switch Opening
  • Available with Custom OEM Marking
  • Compact, Easy Installation
  • 2 years warranty


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7 Door - Open door display

7 Door - Open door display

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