FIN6 LED amber, LED Lighthead, 12/24V, R65


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Lampa kierunkowa MicroLED 6 LED pomarańczowa , powierzchniowa, 12/24V, R65

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FIN6 LED amber, LED Lighthead, 12/24V, R65

SAE, CA Tl 3, ECE R65 and R10 certified Available in single or triple colors Ultra-thin but well layered design, excellent in texture Bolt mount or adhesive mount DKM bi-injection technology

Light Characteristics      

  • LED Power: 6 / 18 pcs of 3W
  • Lens: Fresnel Lens

Electrical Characteristics

  • Voltage: DC 10-33V
  • Max Power: 9W

Physical Characteristics

  • Colour Available: A/B/R/W/WBR/BRW/WRA/RBA
  • Ambient temperature: -30--+70℃
  • Mounting: Bolt Mount or Adhesive Mount
  • Flash patterns: 19 / 12
  • Meet and Exceeds: ECE R65,ECE R10, SAE J595, CA T13     
  • Product Dimension: 119.5mm×25.5mm×7mm


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FIN6 LED amber, LED Lighthead, 12/24V, R65

FIN6 LED amber, LED Lighthead, 12/24V, R65

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