CTEK Pro battery tester


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CTEK Pro battery tester

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CTEK Pro battery tester

Quick and accurate battery testing

Fast, clear results

The CTEK PRO Battery Tester performs accurate battery tests quickly and prints out the results so you can show your customer.

The CTEK PRO Battery Tester gives you quick, simple and accurate battery tests in seconds. It has an integrated printer so you can hand your customer a printout of the results and talk to them immediately about preventative maintenance for their battery or electrical system. The patented PRO Battery Tester is ideal for different types of 12V batteries (standard/flooded, AGM and GEL) and electrical systems in cars and light trucks.

  • Multiple rating system compatible (CCA, DIN, EN, IEC, SAE)
  • Tests multiple battery chemistries: standard/flooded, AGM and GEL
  • Tests 12V batteries and electrical systems for cars and light trucks
  • Tests starting and charging system voltage
  • Integrated printer


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CTEK Pro battery tester

CTEK Pro battery tester

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