Farm Jack PowerWinch 48 inches


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Farm JackPower Winch 48 inches

Farm Jack 48" Powerwinch is a very solid and strong construction, very easy to use.

Application, among others in:

raising vehicles, agricultural machinery and other equipment
pulling vehicles
Farm Jack is suitable for both professional and extreme applications as well as home use in your own workshop or off-road vehicle.

The foot is made of forged steel. The lift is equipped with an additional sliding clamping attachment and comfortable protection of the handle.


Lifting and lowering run fast, smoothly, the lift does not stutter even in difficult working conditions (sand, mud).

Dimensions:48 inches - 121 cm
Weight:13,5 kg
Strength:3 tons


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Farm Jack PowerWinch 48 inches

Farm Jack PowerWinch 48 inches

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