911 INSTRUCTOR LED, 120 cm, orange


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Lampa zespolona 911 INSTRUCTOR LED, 122 cm, pomarańczowa

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911 INSTRUCTOR LED, 120 cm, orange

  • Producer: 911 Signal
  • Application: Road assistance vehicles
  • Light color: Orange
  • Voltage: DC 10-33V
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Lenses: Direct / screw
  • Light modules: C12: 14, SPOT: 5
  • Dimensions (Length X Width X Height): 122 x 22.1 x 18.7 cm
  • Cables: red: "+" black: "-" white: "Lighting of the middle section:" yellow: "mode"

IP67 Beacons are used in the lightbar. Silicone sealer is not only applied between the top housing and base, but also between the chambers.All you need for maintenance is a screw driver. Top housing is connected to the base with one screw on each side. The wire connector is placed under the beacon on the left so that connector can be accessed by dismantling only one side housing.

Voltage:DC 10-33V
Warranty:2 years
Light source:LED
Dimensions:122cm x 22.1cm x 18.7cm
Orange color:Orange


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911 INSTRUCTOR LED, 120 cm, orange

911 INSTRUCTOR LED, 120 cm, orange

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